Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life with Berners

I have been trying to get photos of my companions, Jenny and Forrest but it's not easy...

This is Jenny...she is sneaky...I have to keep her on a leash or risk having her run away. About a year ago on one of our walks she decided to run away...it was very scary. Another dog walker showed up and when Jenny went to say hello I yelled for the gal to grab Jenny. We were getting near a very busy highway so there was extreme panic in my voice.

Jenny...don't you know how sad I would be if you ran away? I always think of a Farside cartoon that shows a cat and dog. The dog says to the cat, "They keep me on a leash because they don't want to lose me."

This is sweet Forrest...he's always right by my side. He does love to run ahead and crouch on the path in front of us so he can pounce on Jenny. Jenny tries to hide behind me. It all entertains me very much!

Yesterday, after our walk, it was bath time. They smell so nice!

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Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean, I have a pet that tries to run away and I'd be devastated if he ever did. But he's a cat, and he walks on a leash too.