Friday, May 13, 2011

Seeing Green

The nurseries are a busy place in my part of the country. It's not "safe" to put out annuals until Memorial Day weekend but plants disappear quickly around here and it takes a couple of weeks to harden them off so that's what's taking priority right now.

After I brought my new plants home I realized where my inspiration for my flower colors came this season.

I have started working out my latest quilt design...EQ7 is wonderful but you still have to figure out how to go about putting the blocks together...I'm getting there. I'm trying to be "smart" and come up with the easiest method while being frugal with my fabric.

I like super queen sized quilts so that's what this will be...someday. It's nice to have a project on hand when the weather doesn't cooperate with summer expectations. (We don't really have a spring.)

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