Monday, October 27, 2014

Flowers Blooming

Today I woke up with the determination to make my Paris flower block a reality. I have been wanting to create a flower block using 2  1/2-inch strips for months. I've always had a pesky reason that kept me from more!

After creating the Patch Draw version on EQ7, I went about cutting fabric. After a few stumbles I finished the block...beautiful.

But right away I realized it wasn't quite right. The darker petals are too long...breaking the imaginary circle of the flower's shape. I went for a walk and came back to tackle redrawing it on Patch Draw...practice does make working with any computer program easier so lets just say I got some more practice.

New version...

Paris Flower Block                              andsewforth2014

Oh...yes...there are "Y" seams. Piece of cake! That is the only challenge to this design and I had no problem executing them as you can see. I love the new design...the outer imaginary circle is now in place. That will be important when I get to the stage of coming up with a quilting design.

And while I was in the designing mode...came up with another variation of the block that doesn't have "Y"'s pretty cute too!

Pointed Paris Flower Block                        andsewforth2014

I haven't hit just the right layout yet but at least I can start making the blocks. I will pull out my seam ripper and fix the pink block to the new version. It is basically a nine-patch block...which is my favorite quilt block...ever...endless possibilities when working with it.

I am staying on task with my Bucilla projects. Two stars made and a start on Santa. Tonight I will embroider his face.

One more letter stitched on the wall hanging. I re-did the "t" so many times...lots of knots while I was stitching. I was watching, "Forrest Gump," and got a little distracted. I practically have the entire movie memorized so I don't know why that happened.

Tomorrow I need to wake up and get some administrative work done.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those are really pretty blocks!

Vicki W said...

Unlike both of those blocks!

Vicki W said...

I hate autocorrect! It should say "I like"......

liniecat said...

Gosh yes, lovely blocks, really striking : )

Donna quilts said...

The shorter dark petals do make the block look more like a flower and less a star. Really pretty!