Friday, October 31, 2014

Found It!

The perfect door for a quilter!

I stumbled onto this doorway yesterday. It is just a few blocks from our apartment. It is gorgeous. Love the "feathers" in the green metal work. Definitely going in my mental drawer for future quilting designs.

Lots of switching around of colors on my Paris Flower blocks. I am committed to these blocks so far...I think! Still unsure about the layout...something on point I'm thinking with some sashing.

Stocking progress. Love it when I get to start making Santa. 

I am getting so excited about how close I am to being done with stitching the words! 


Donna quilts said...

It is a quilter's door! And the scroll work around it in the stone is incredible.
You're getting those Christmas projects done pretty quick!

Lori S said...

The door and stonework are totally amazing! Thanks for sharing. Your flower blocks are coming along really nicely.

Suzanne said...

That door is amazing! So many ideas from one entry way. Thank you for sharing.