Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Moose in Paris

Seems to be a pattern here with my recent return to Paris...the moose have followed me. Maybe it's just the crowd that I hang out with. Our outing yesterday was the Hunting and Nature Museum. Right away I felt at home...this polar bear was the greeter for the museum.

This museum is a wonderful collection of taxidermy and nature inspired art. I don't normally care for antlers in my furniture but the French have a way of making it work! Notice the thistle on the seat...just a subtle reminder it's not a place for sitting in this museum.

There was a closet-sized room with owls lining the ceiling...pretty spooky stuff.

Again...the French find a way to make an antler mount the filigree detail on the stag head.

On this parrot chair was a dozing fox. I guess he didn't mind sitting on the thistle.

Everyone needs a conversation piece in their decor. This was a diorama of gorillas guarding a table setting with a human digestive system model in the among yourselves on the possible meanings the artist was conveying. What do the two seahorses at the base infer?

Back to my comfort zone...brown bear with some cheetahs. I think that was rather a scrawny brown bear...obviously a distant cousin of an Alaskan Grizzly.

I did mention there was a moose...with  a lot of other heads to keep him company.

Guess I will have to bring Hubby here someday.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

for some reason I never imagined this type of museum in Paris! If you get to the Grand Teton National Park someday they have an antler chair something like that in one of the buildings - the back is something like that one. Looked totally uncomfortable to me LOL - now that you know where the moose and bear are when you get homesick for Alaska you know where to go to see the animals and you don't need to carry your bear spray!

LynCC said...

Yeah, I don't think the thistle is super necessary on that antler-back chair. ;D Doesn't call to me to want to sit on it - so uncomfortable-looking! Have to say - that gorilla display sure is intriguing, eh? As you mention, what could the artist have had in mind?

Lori S said...

Really interesting place, but that owl room is really creepy!