Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting There

Still fine tuning the Paris Flower Blocks. This is my favorite block so far...

I like it when all the petals are the same value and the center star pops. I ripped apart the blocks from yesterday to do more fine tune. Didn't sew the purple block below together yet...too much contrast still between the petals. I am finding it is hard to battle my natural tendency to put together high contrasting fabrics.  

And this one is sooo dark! I am working with the Bali Pop, Plumb Pudding. There are several very dark batiks in this project may wind up going to the "dark side." Time will tell.

Saw sunlight today which just added that little boost to my energy level. I was such a good girl. Got my fitness walk done early in the day then did my grocery shopping.

(Warning...ranting ahead.)
 It is time for me to renew my French visa so I had to get passport photos to turn in with my application. There are photo machines everywhere in Paris for this purpose...and there was a line at the one I used today at my little metro station.  I might have to blog further about this experience...or not. It is just dealing with beauracracy not matter where you live! It annoys me because just like in the US, there are an abundance of illegal immigrants here and doing things legally seems to be ridiculous. After all...I am just a glorified tourist...thanks to my wonderful husband who has the, "Working Visa." It really just seems a complete waste of time. And of course it is so complicated that my husband's employer is paying a French law firm to handle my application. I hate to think how much money it is costing. So silly. I could buy some great batik fabric with that money which is really a much better value for the money.

Thanks for listening.

It is time to work on my Bucilla projects. Here's what I got done yesterday.

I am definitely getting the satin stitch down! Santa now has some cool bowling shoes!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it sounds like they should have issued you a "spouses work permit" LOL although I'm sure there is nothing like that huh - but really if someone is employed in another country and has their family with them they should issue some kind of visa for it.

your blocks are wonderful as usual

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