Thursday, October 23, 2014

Merry Paris Housewife

I'm getting back into my routine. I actually cooked dinner twice this week. I cannot walk far enough to burn all the calories I have consumed eating at restaurants lately! With that my husband and I went out to eat for lunch at an Indian restaurant. At least we didn't get any dessert.

Plugging away on my Paris Flower quilt design. The hardest part...borders! I can't just leave it to a simple band of inspiration fabric! That's my project tonight while my husband works a late shift.

Finished adding the beard and mustache on my latest cross-stitched Santa. I wanted to note that when it comes to making the beard loops I use three strands doubled instead of one six-strand piece of floss. This gives me 6 strands going through the paper-punched holes instead of 12. If you make these know what I mean.

Day three of working on the latest stocking kit.

I'm getting close to finishing the satin stitched letters at the bottom of this wall hanging...which means I am close to starting all the ones at the top of the wall hanging.

I have to share the latest movie I watched yesterday.

I loved it!!! You must be a Shakespeare fan for this one. The movie takes the possible story that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, was the real writer of Shakespeare's works. It has a great Shakespearean plot...very smart movie. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have been eating out too much - :) and I bet you have a great amount of perfect places to choose from in Paris - am afraid here at home we the choice of steak house, Chinese buffet and fast food -- such is live near a small town!! We have to go to Little Rock to find a really good place

Donna quilts said...

We do tend to eat out more when we have company visiting, don't we? And especially when there's great food all around you to choose from! I do like your Paris flower block and am looking forward to see your final quilt design.

Lynette said...

I remember really liking "Anonymous," too. :)