Sunday, December 14, 2014

Little Finishes

Wilderness Santa...just waiting for his beard and mustache. One more pattern to make to complete the Northwoods Santa set. 


The last ornament for the Bucilla kit, Cupcake Angel. She was a lot of work!

I'm just planning to work on Bucilla ornaments and cross stitch Santas for the next few weeks. One of my sons will be arriving on Wednesday so it's not the time to start a quilting project. Though I suppose I could pull out a UFO to work on now and then. 

I spent hours on the internet today looking for some inspiration for a project. Came across this...

That would be me!


Anonymous said...

Love your work!!! Please upload a video showcasing your entire lot of completed Bucilla stockings, ornaments and tree skirts....sure would be excited to watch it!!!! Can hardly wait!!!

LynCC said...

Cute angel, for sure - look at the hair!