Monday, December 29, 2014

The Last Design Wall Monday of 2014

Playing with scrap HSTs. It makes me feel so frugal.

We've been having several little adventures the past few days. Christmas day was gorgeous so we got a little walk in before dinner.

The day after Christmas it was the men's turn to pick our daily surprise it was to seek out a Canadian pub. We actually went to two and both were closed. Wound up at an Irish pub right off the Seine on the edge of the Latin Quarter. My son and I walked home from there and once again I made him stop while I took pictures of interesting iron work. 

These are a a series of five iron reliefs along a wall.

On Saturday we went to a memorial for American volunteer pilots who flew for the French military squadron, L'Escadrille Lafayette, in World War I. Underneath the monument is a crypt with 68 sarcophagi for the remains of those American pilots killed in conflict. This site is not one that is covered by US taxpayer dollars for its upkeep like the US cemetery in Normandy. There is a US foundation that works constantly to raise money for care of the site. It is really a lovely memorial with lots of wonderful details but in sore need of some TLC.

This beautiful mosaic is on the floor under the central arch. I'm guessing this was the American pilot's unit insignia...definitely an iconic American image. 

Sunday's outing was also related to aviation though mostly it was naval history. We visited the wing of the Trocadero that  houses a French maritime museum. It had a few life-sized replicas but was full models made to scale at the museum.

There was a tiny replica of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria.

I especially liked the world map on display with this Alaska discovered by Western civilization and California is a separate piece of  land!

You have the best view of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero...though the weather was very blustery and you have to share the view with thousands!

We ended that day with lunch at an English microbrewery based in France, "Frog." Amazingly enough...their menu of bar food was all about American barbeque. Hubby and I shared this platter for two. It wasn't Texas quality...but it was tasty. The mostly shredded carrot jar was cole had very little taste. Next to it is a jar of fried okra and fried red pepper strips. I don't eat okra but I loved the pepper strips. Then some sweet potato fries and baked beans...liked both of those. Two shredded beef sliders, fried chicken wings and pork babyback ribs...and Texas toast. 

I've been spending a lot of time playing in EQ7...and I did some damage to my credit card on a batik sale at Fabric Fanatics. They always have a big, end-of-year sale. Hubby is going back to Alaska soon for about a week and can bring me back my order. It will be Christmas all over again in a few weeks! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did! I am looking forward to 2015.


Ramona said...

Your HST blocks are so nice. Love the colors. It's nice to get "bonus" quilts from the scraps. And thank you for your continued tour of Paris. I have been a number of times and look forward to going back some day. Happy Quilting!

Rebecca Grace said...

Your HSTs are lovely! Thank you for sharing a little Parisian Christmas vicariously with me. I love that city, but last time I was there I could not find a quilt shop to save my soul. It did not help that I didn't know how to say "quilting" in French. Have you found any special fabric shops in Paris while you've lived there? They must have them somewhere, what with DMC embroidery floss, Sajou scissors, Bohin needles, etc all made in France. Merry Christmas from North Carolina! :-)

Sue Daurio said...

Love the hsts, so pretty! And thanks for taking us on your little adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I will have to check out the on line shop you mention I haven't heard of that one. It is good that you are able to see the war memorials I think, I have been so interested in the war time history after watching several shows on Netflix that are about war time in Europe

Christelle said...

Too much to read and I'm running after time..I hope you had a nice Christmas and you enjoyed the raclette!
Jl was part of the La Fayette when it was based in Luxeuil les Bains but he was in the Red Devel ...
We are not here tomorow, but I would have love to go on the Champs Elysees for the 2015 count down ....
I hope you enjoy a nice New Year eve before we see each other