Monday, December 8, 2014

So Many Great Quilts!

I'm falling behind with my blogging about my visit to Christelle's house...that's because I've been busy sewing...more about that later.

Back to show and tell. 
Christelle did what every quilter should do when another quilter visits their house for the first time...brought out all her wonderful quilts to share. It really was so fun to see so many pieces of her work. She really has gotten an amazing number of quilts done...because all but one of them was hand quilted. You'll see what I mean for yourself!

These first two are Crabapple Hill Studio designs.
Snow wonderful to see this in person...I've admired the pattern on the internet.

And Calendula Patterdip's Cottage. Over the top embroidery work. It is crayon tinted. And can you see all the spiderwebs in the quilting? 

Home Sweet Home, Blackbird Designs. 

Designs from the Buggy Barn book, "Farm Fresh." 
Personalized with a French and US flag since Christelle is French and has lived in the US. One of my favorites of hers. Blue quilts always grab me.

I think this is machine pieced but it is definitely hand quilted. 

A series of patchwork quilts...

I should have taken some notes for all the quilt pattern names.

Yes...still all hand-quilted.

Hey...I know the pattern for this one! Midnight Silhouette from Blackbird Designs. A show-stopper.

Wool pumpkins.

I'm going kind of fast through these...

Look for the heart hidden in the storm at sea blocks.

Some Japanese Daiwabo fabrics. This is Christelle's largest quilt... it graces her son's bed.

I think this was a pattern from Primitive Gatherings magazine. 

Many of you will recognize this pattern, Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice. This is Christelle's first machine quilted piece. There is a learning curve so we won't be critical at all on the wobbly places...part of the charm of a homemade quilt!

And finally...a batik quilt! Joy, designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. Not quilted yet. I do love this one. The red and green colors are so bright. Perfectly pieced.

There is more to share about our day together in Christelle's hometown, Rambouillet, but I will save that for another post. Tomorrow Christelle is coming to Paris and we have a little outing planned. Can't wait!


Béa said...

Christelle's quilts are wonderful ! Hello Christelle XXX

Christelle said...

Hello Bea ...Lol
Great pictures even if the sun wasn't being very cooperativ!
It's nce to see them all if you have any question about the paterns.....
See you tomorow!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful work - sometimes I think people are amazed at how many quilts hand quilters finish :)

CecileD said...

Oh my.....I think Christelle can open a quilt store !!! :)
Lovely quilts and for my pleasure, I discover some !! Yesss !!!
Thank you for sharing ladies !

Donna quilts said...

Wow! What a treat to visit her home and see all the beautiful quilts she has made. I love how Christelle has hung the minis up with clothpegs - so cute.

LynCC said...

What a fun share! Gosh, she has so many wonderful quilts. I've only hand quilted one table-topper Hawaiian applique quilt and about 17 inches of the bottom of a bed quilt to finish for my cousin. I can't imagine having so many large quilts in my repertoire. :)