Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Time to Quilt

Is this how your Christmas season is shaping up? Turns out your tree is upside down?

This year's tree display in Paris' Gallerie Lafayette. This is the only photo I took from my outing with Christelle yesterday. You really don't need to see pictures from the three Starbucks we scoped out in search of this year's Christmas ornament. The good news is we were successful at the third one and bought the last ornament on the shelf. I should have gotten a photo of the ornament...a tiny to-go-Starbucks cup. I just can't start collecting another thing!

Lots of shopping which is only fun when you have someone else with you.

It has been a while since I have shared my projects...after all it is a blog primarily about my quilting.

I had these blocks put together and sewn into rows several days ago. Then I started working on part of the border. The top row is how I designed it on EQ7 but after I had sewn all the blocks together I decided I didn't like how the flower came together on the right half. The second row I used scraps on top to see the way I thought it should go. Nope...not right either. The third row is what I went with...not too painful to fix...just took all morning.

Now I'm trying to decide what the line up is between the interior blocks and the outer border blocks.

I started working on a Bucilla ornament. I didn't realize I hadn't finished the set that goes with the Cupcake Angel stocking. Love working on this "girlie," ornament.

And when even embroidery seems too stressful...time to work on a cross stitch ornament.


Ramona said...

I love having projects to fit my mood! Yours are lovely. The tree is too funny!! I'm glad you were able to find the Starbucks ornament.

Suz J said...

Good problem solving for the border solution - sometimes you need to sew things up to see how they are going to look.

Donna quilts said...

Upside down trees must be the new thing because I've seen a few displayed that way here in Canada! I do like your third row of border flowers best - they just look more like flowers. Looking forward to seeing the top finished!