Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Already!

A little more progress on some Christmas ornaments. For some reason I'm craving cupcakes.

I had to do some Christmas shopping for ladies in my husband's office. I found a great gift shop close to our apartment...I'm going to have to treat myself after Christmas. Can't show pictures...someone might see what Santa is bringing them.

Along the way I took some more interesting ironwork photos.

 Most of the time the front door ironwork...

coordinates with the window ironwork.

Obviously this is from a building of somewhat newer construction.

And the companion ironwork for the windows. I really like this spiral center that turns into a flower...I think I have used this before in a quilting design.

Didn't tackle those borders today on my quilt but I did make the final decision on how I will proceed...the widths of all the borders. Printed up my plan on EQ7. I like to have a marathon session when I apply my stopping and starting. Maybe tomorrow. I have eight borders...on a king-sized quilt. That's what I mean by a marathon!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is always the wife that does the shopping for the gals in the husband office isn't it LOL - I remember a friend always doing that great that you found a place close by to do that.

Dawn said...

Just love Bucilla felt, everything looks so beautiful, good luck with the marathon sewing day.

LynCC said...

lol!! I would want cupcakes, too.