Friday, September 7, 2012

A Bear of a Week

I am making progress unpacking...just so I can pack up and move to Paris. It is crazy! Lets check out the most important room in the studio.

This week's big chore in the studio was putting two more sets of chrome shelves together. This set has wheels. I filled them up pretty quickly. I have two treadle machines that need work and I just don't know where to put room in the studio for them. 

At some point I will get those huge sheets of Styrofoam-looking insulation for design wall panels but for now I am going to clip a sheet of flannel to the shelf and use it.

Here's a little panoramic view of the studio.

You found the spot where I dumped a few items.

I think I need to get a helmet video else can I catch my exciting wildlife encounters? Last night I had my closest bear encounter with the dogs. We were taking a quick walk. We were almost to our driveway when all of the sudden a pretty good sized black bear jumped out of the brush. He was very surprised to see us and quickly turned around and darted back into the woods. Luckily I had both dogs on leashes because they seemed to think it was a good idea to try and chase it. It was quite struggle for me to gain control of them...they pulled me to the ground in their excitement...but we are all okay. I took two Advil as soon as we got home.

 It's funny how much bigger a black bear looks when it's right in front of you!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow - what a wild life you lead!! glad the bear ran in the other direction :)
love the design wall - great idea. So many pieces of batting on your shelf = you either got a really good deal or you are planning on making a lot of quilts :)

Cathy said...

That would be a terrifying experience!! There won't be any of those in Paris. Or at least, not the 4 legged variety. I love you cutting table set up, even with the piles of stuff on top.

Suz said...

The studio is really coming along nicely - there is always the "things need to get worse before they get better" stage - looks like you're not far off. Not too sure on the bear encounter - sounds a bit too close for comfort for me!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Your sewing studio is looking so wonderful. Lucky for you I do not live close or I'd be begging for the keys while you're away. Okay well maybe not with Mr. Bear out there. :-)