Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Comments

I am happy to say I have had some new folks leave comments...but some are set up as "no reply bloggers," so I can't respond...which makes me very sad. I mistakenly had myself set up as a no reply blogger until I read about needing to change my settings on Sew Many Ways. Just click the link and it will take you to a bookmarked page that addresses making your email address available (only to the blog's host when you leave a comment.) If you have a gmail account the "no reply blogger" is the default setting so it has to be changed by you.

Someone has commented recently asking me questions about constructing a Bucilla stocking and I can't help since she is set up as "no reply blogger." It's so frustrating to me! I very much want to help. 

Mini Quilt Retreat
Today is Breakfast Club. It feels like it got here very fast but I think that is because I went to the quilt store a couple of times since last month's class. I'm taking a UFO strip quilt to tackle. This month's pattern looks very easy and is fat quarter friendly but I spent about an hour in the studio last night trying to pull together fabrics and finally gave up...there just weren't enough creative brain cells available. The fumes from the wet glue on the wood flooring that's been pulled up was also starting to bother me.

Dogs in Transition
I swapped out dogs last night and got Tonka back...he saw me and ran for my truck...apparently he wanted to make sure he was coming home with me. He is the one of my two dogs that has the hardest time with "change." Jenny was very excited to get into the other car and head to her new home for a few days. It has really helped me to only have one dog at a time as I try to get house stuff done.

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