Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I was going to skip Design Wall issues have me "swamped." But...I actually finished a top so it's time for a little pat on the back. All those house problems will still be here when I get done taking this break.

Here's the kit I have been working on since June. I tried valiantly not to purchase any more of the border fabric but I got to a point where it just wasn't working for me so off to the quilt store I went. At that point, buying a half a yard of fabric was worth my time and money to get it done.  

This is a big quilt...99x99...bigger than a queen. 
Maybe you noticed it looks bumpy...

More building drama.
I guess the waterfall from my dripping dishwasher line has left me with a ruined wood floor. It is horribly warped. Every day it looks worse.

My advice...don't put wood flooring in your basement because water makes it's way down. Our last basement had tile and carpeting. We did have a pipe break one winter...water ever where but the tile was fine. (We hadn't put the carpet yet.) I had another leak in the boiler room that reach into the tiled big deal.

Tomorrow, my new best friend, Jeff the handyman, will pull up the boards and we'll see if anything else is going on between the wood and the cement floor. Not expecting to find any real problems...maybe the moisture barrier that was painted on the cement has a tear. Jeff tells me concrete is actually a porous surface that takes 80 years to cure. Who knew? That sure makes me look at all buildings and roads a little I really won't be able to sleep at night!

And to put it's been rather wet in our state lately. It's official...we broke another weather record in 2012...most snow and rainfall for a year! I think there is moss growing behind my ears.

Friday night I was depressed because ultimately this new crisis means I won't be turning on my longarm next summer...cuz I'll be putting in new flooring. You can bet I'm going with carpet and tile. 

And where was my knight in shining armor? Flying a trip between Germany and Calgary. The life of a pilot's wife...stuff always happens when they are gone.

I need trip somewhere...I'd love to go to the Houston quilt show...I wonder...might have to check the flight schedule later today. 


Cathy said...

OH NO!! And that was such a beautiful floor, too. You definitely need a trip to somewhere, anywhere away from new house drama. Give your new best friend Jeff the key, let him do his stuff, and come back home to it all fixed. If you have a choice, Houston sounds good. It's usually warm and dry there. Maybe you could go there and dry out the damp from Alaska out of your bones for a few days

scraphappy said...

So sorry to see your poor warped floor. Hope the new one is more waterproof. The quilt looks great though.

mlcquilts said...

Houston sounds like a great idea for you. The first year I went was the year they had the 100 best quilts of the century. I told myself as long as I can walk, I'm going. If you do go, let me know would love to meet in person.
I'm glad the dogs will be together. Wish I could help out but too far away and we barely have room for the 1 we have. Good luck
Mary Carter