Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Instinctive

I just can't fight my nature sometimes...I am a gatherer. I was just going to grab some milk at Walmart...when I remembered I needed some gel for my hair. That meant leaving the grocery area. Before I knew it, I was walking down the craft aisle. I spied this adorable case. I have a continental move coming up...suitcases interest me...even itty bitty ones.

The circular shape is adorable...hmmm...lets see what's inside.

A case for the cool little plastic disks I store my sequins and beads from Bucilla felt stocking kits! SWEET!!!!

I found my storage disks in a sporting goods store in the fishing tackle section at least five years ago. These are just like those only instead of a "Plano" logo they have a "Creative Options" logo. I did show restrain...there was a larger case that held six disks. I only use four. 

While I'm in a divulgitory (new word) mood, let me share another great sewing room gadget I picked up at Breakfast Club last week.

It's a little ironing board that clamps onto any table. Alaskan made. Perfect for taking to classes. Perfect for a Paris sewing room. 

Now I will justify my purchases...I have been working like crazy on our house...that still isn't moved into or completely finished despite our upcoming move to Paris. The bids came back for the railing and closet shelves...well within our budget. Work begins next week on those areas of the house. So it has given me a boost of energy to continue to unpack what I can now...and clean. I still had a few lights and windows that had "construction grime" on them. I have a huge load for the Salvation Army...mostly empty containers of every size...they just don't work in the new house.

Clearing the garage is the next major hurdle. We need to park cars in it...winter is coming! I bought two chrome shelf units from Costco today to get started. They look so little in the garage. Guess I should have bought some more. They are really heavy and one of my son's was with me today. Too bad Bernese Mountain Dogs can't load and unload for me! At least they are very supportive...they always think I am great at everything.

Time to fill the new "suitcase."


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it will seem like you are running out of time as it gets closer and closer to moving time. You can do it!
(wow Wal-Mart is every where it seems)

Cathy said...

That little case is fabulous!! I wonder if the Walmart here in Southern Ontario carries them? I might just have to go over and check it out. Seems to reinforce the idea that we would do serious damage to our bank accounts should we ever happen to go shopping together. LOL!

Dave Eccleston said...

My wife wants something like that clamp-on ironing board for Christmas, but I can't find one anywhere. Where did you get it??? Thanks, Dave