Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Days

I haven't talked about Jenny and Tonka lately but as fate would have it...they will be together in a new home. My favorite vet tech who has watched them for me while I travel, lost one of her two male Bernese. Her boy with irritable bowel disease had an episode and then he went into bloat...which is pretty much what it sounds like...the stomach bloats. As I understand it, bloat is often fatal and with the IBD history, it was too much. Her other Bernese male, Moritz, has been battling lymphoma since November. He is doing remarkably well but there is a limit to the window for chemo treatments and he will soon be entering another hurdle. 

The dogs' new family has allowed me to keep them until close to the time I leave. It helps them have more time to deal with their boys and I love having Jenny and Tonka's company as long as I can. But we just started a new phase...the new famliy will take one of the dogs at a time to spend the weekend with them. They have some acreage they spend time on most weekends so the dogs have lots of room to roam.

Here's Tonka (on the left) with his buddy, Moritz.

His new family sent me this photo tonight...he's going to stay one more night with them. I am so happy to see him hanging with his friend. Tonka is the sweetest boy!

Look at all those pretty fall colors. The weather looks a little nicer where they are than it does at my house. I'm sure he's getting nice and worn out every day!

Poor Jenny had a much too quiet weekend with me.

Now I feel guilty...I think we had better go for a quick walk.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad that you have found a home for the dogs to go together. That will be nice for them I think. And probably very reassuring for you that they are going to people who really know how to care for them and will love them. That was probably one of the hardest things for you to do with your decision to go to Paris I bet.

Linda in TX said...

Debbie - I've been reading you for the past year or two. A friend of your mother's belongs to our little stitchery club and she mentioned your blog to me one day. How could I resist a quilter in Alaska with two giant dogs.

I am so glad you found a good home for the "kids". I know that was a huge hurdle for you to get over. I am glad they will be in a home that you KNOW loves and treasures them.

When Marilyn told me you were moving to Paris, I said "she can't! they just finished the house!" I have been following this journey of yours with great empathy and great admiration for your spirit and attitude. I'm looking forward to more adventures!