Thursday, September 20, 2012

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

First...I am so lucky...I have a great life...but there are some days that are "not so fun." This week has been a little tilted toward "not so fun." This year we have broken a couple of weather records. Last winter we had the most snowfall. This July we had the coolest temps on record for that month. September is turning out to be extremely wet. We have been socked by two major storms with hurricane force a couple of smaller storms. It feels like it's been raining forever and I'm glad we still own a boat because I don't have enough energy to build an ark. (More storms are in the way)

I don't walk dogs in hurricanish they are stir crazy. It's not fun to go anywhere because it's a hurricane out there! must take advantage of bad weather and work inside. Today the electrician will come to fix my breakers in the studio so can't really sew until then. a day that felt like an episode of "I Love Lucy," I had an instant waterfall from the ceiling of my basement cascade down onto my Nolting longarm. It's a long story but I had a drip from a dishwasher hose from the kitchen that sits right above my studio...the drip led to the lens of a large fluorescent light in my studio. It had been filling up in the lens for days and finally reached its weight limit and broke free.

I bought a dehumidifier and have been running it for the past two days (whenever we have electricity...the hurricane force winds have been knocking that out every so often.) I think my Nolting is okay but I won't really know until I run it and that's looking like it won't happen until next summer.

On the up side...I have found a gem of a handyman to help me finish this house. The closet shelves are done...except for me staining them. My handyman is going to come back soon to handle all those things that are usually on the "honey do list." Hanging house numbers, hanging animal heads, fixing the buckling wood floor in my studio (that happened before the water feature event.) I need to order some blinds...and he can hang them. I need to get towel just never seems to end.

Hope you had some cheese to enjoy with this whine.


Cathy said...

As the kids say OMG!!! That would be AWFUL!! All that water on top of a very expensive machine. It must have driven your heart into your feet. And no husband around to help clean up the resulting mess from your flood. I think you are entitled to some whine with your cheese.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad you have a handy man that is handy! your poor machine, I hope it isn't damaged. Had to laugh over the hanging the heads on the walls :)
get a good glass of wine, hope the weather clears up real soon for you, the rainy weather days on end drives me nuts!

Suz said...

We have had much the same sort of weather in NZ only reverse seasons. Wet and cold all summer, then leading into a warmish but extremely wet winter. Substitute two children for two dogs... our household is probably much the same. Thank heavens for sewing rooms! You might just have to make a special something for that lifesaving handyman!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you need to use your Nolting to make sure it is working. If it got wet, it needs to be dried out and oiled/lubricated so you don't end up with rust.