Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tourist Tuesday

I have an idea...maybe you'd like to learn about my adventures as a tourist in Paris. So to get ready I thought I'd start with familiar territory and create a video of our Super Cub flight on Saturday. I plan to talk on the videos I make from Paris but the Super Cub is too noisy to narrate during flight. I'm learning!

An afterthought. I wanted to mention the music I picked. It is from the movie, "Out of Africa," This particular music piece is where Robert Redford takes Meryl Streep up in his new airplane. Perfect! The movie came out in 1985...the year I met my husband. I remember going to see it with him. I heard the music as we were flying in the Super Cub. So perfectly romantic. We needed some caribou herds to fly over but we weren't far enough north for that.

Incidentally, the soundtrack from, "Out of Africa," is ranked 15th on the American Film Institute's top 25 American film soundtracks. I thought about the Superman movie too...when he takes Lois Lane flying. Lots of great music.


Kathy said...

Great video Debbie! I really enjoyed the scenery, history facts and music.
My husband use to have his pilot's license and when we were dating took me on a few flights in a Cessna 172 that he rented.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that was fun to see - thanks so much for sharing all that wonderful scenery!! too bad you didn't see a herd of animals to record also :)

Jen said...

LOL, never thought of a super cub ride as romantic but you sure changed my mind about that. The combination of music and views were great. Thanks, nicely done.


mlcquilts said...

I sure enjoyed your video. Scenery was breathtaking. Brought back many memories as both of us used to fly and we had a Cessna 150. Do more
Mary Carter

homeschoolmommy said...

Sigh, you have made me miss Alaska. I haven't lived there for a couple years now and I really miss it.