Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Gathering of Quilters

It seems ages ago but on last Tuesday I had a quilting day with Christelle and two of her friends, Corinne and Cécile, whom I have been sharing emails with the past year. We all met at her house for the entire day. Christelle's daughter, Christine was there too. It just dawned on me the preponderance of "C"s in this gathering. They all spoke fabulous English so it was a real treat!

I asked Corinne and Cécile to bring some show and tell for our meeting. It was so much lovely hand quilting. I hardly know where to start!

Corinne went first so I will start with her collection of bags. I apologize in advance for blurry photos now and then.

This is a technique new to me...mesh work? 

The other side. So interesting. Both designs are accomplished with  woven strips.

This satchel has a batiki look but it is cotton prints. All pieced on an interfacing type of foundation so it was very difficult sewing through all the layers. (This one is all done on the machine.)

Then there was a series of small quilts...most of the patterns are from  the book, "Small Treasures from Scraps."

And...Christelle made some from the book we got to see those too.

A few more from Christelle.

And yet more from Christelle...and all hand quilted. I am beginning to think she must hand quilt in her sleep!

Back to Corinne! They know I am a batik girl so she brought this work in progress for me. I love it! All the beautiful red work squares mixed with the batiks. I believe this is basted and ready for handquilting but....Corinne is not feeling the  urge to work on this right now. That's how we all get those darn UFOs!

Corinne is a history teacher...and this little quilt has an historical theme. I should have shown the inspiration fabric...which was on the backside...that all the pieces were cut from...kind of like a stack and wack....but really each piece was fussy cut.

One final piece from Corinne...her little traveling work bag. Love this!

I have more photos to show from our day. I think it is best to make part two for tomorrow!


CecileD said...

Hi Debbie and thank you for sharing !!
It was a fantastic day and meeting you was so wonderful !!
Are you ready for meshwork ?? :)))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow what tiny pieces in some of these - the bags and the little quilts - wonderful work. I did notice all the C names! how funny and you the odd one out. Glad everyone spoke English so you could enjoy your get together without having someone tell you what was going on. Hope things settle down in France soon.