Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making Rings

Here's my design fun to start putting blocks together! But I need to sew all those little HST's together  and get them out of the way before I can make anymore big rings. 

I was diligent about working on my boutis design last night. I'm getting close to finishing!!!

And I even worked on my stocking a little bit.


CecileD said...

Hello Debbie !!
Congrats for your boutis !! :)
I love your blocks, specially the big stars ! You are working very fast....great job !!


Ramona said...

Your rings are looking great. Love the colors. I'm copying your idea of adding a white French knot to the eyes on your stockings. Great idea!!

LizA. said...

Ok, that bout is looks difficult--don't think that's something I will ever try. I know that stocking! It just arrived in my mailbox yesterday and is now residing with the other 4 kits I've purchased recently --I'm blaming you.....that one looks the easiest so I will probably tackle that one 1st--just as soon as I finish this Santa ornament.