Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Typical Fitness Walk Along the Seine

I was halfway through my walk today when I decided I should take some photos. The weather was perfect. Then temperature was around 40 degrees.

The torch monument is the Flame of Freedom and is a replica of one made for the Statue of Liberty in 1986. It later became an unofficial memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales, as the flame sits near the entrance to the tunnel where she died. In the far distance is Sacré Coeur. The skies are rarely clear enough for me to see the cathedral from this location.

Right behind me was the Eiffel Tower.

Looking the other direction on the Seine.

I then get off the street and head down to an avenue along the Seine that is free of car traffic and full of joggers and other walkers on the weekends.

Then up toward the Invalidedes which has a nice park strip in front of it.

And finally to another park strip that is five city blocks long and gets me pretty close to my apartment.

I've picked this route over the years as it has lots of nice wide sidewalks and fewer traffic crossings than just heading out without a plan in mind. It takes me just over an hour of brisk walking.


Mary Bolton said...

Thank you for the tour. Our daughter spent a weekend in Paris a year ago and can't wait to return!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it looks pretty - about how many miles do you walk - every day? I am trying to walk more and if I can't or don't feel like running into town I walk round and round the property - have to keep an eye on the ground as it is not even but if I do about 20 times around I know i have gotten some exercise.