Friday, January 16, 2015

Sewing Marathon

Yesterday was just one of those day. I put on an audio book and the time disappeared.

I finished sewing together all the  1 3/4" HSTs from my scraps that were covering my design wall. I'm thinking the purple blocks may be a runner at some point. I need access to my Alaska fabric stash to finish this piece. 

The earth tone scraps with the cream background will become pillows. I've been working on twin-sized quilts from these fabrics for several years that will go on a set of bunk beds in one of our guest rooms.

And I finished the components for the ring blocks. This will be a great quilt to have on hand to gift to someone. No recipient in mind at the moment but it makes me think of the pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.

I sewed until 6 p.m. yesterday. I did take a lunch break. So by the time I sat down last night to do some handwork I just worked on my stocking. I used a pipe cleaner in the windshield frame instead of stuffing it with fluff. It was a good idea!

Now I have to catch up on all the things I didn't do yesterday while I sewed like mad. ( shopping.)

1 comment:

CecileD said...

Wow wow wow...Love your blocks !!
You did a great job !! ;)