Friday, January 30, 2015 Paris

It didn't last very long and the kids will not be getting a snow day....oh's Friday anyway.

Yesterday I had a fun day with Christelle. Lots of talking and walking. We started out at Place de la Bastille.

This monument is surrounded by a roundabout that is at least a six-car width. No official is who ever has the most nerve to move! I guess there is some kind of protocol for drivers. I do know for most of the major roundabouts in Paris the drivers in the roundabout have to yield to drivers with green lights to enter from side streets. I have to mention roundabouts because we have a couple of small roundabouts in the Anchorage area that people complain about and after being here...I have a different perspective...bring on the roundabouts! Europe has an absolute ton of roundabouts. Somehow they work very is a mystery. I think it is an example of fewer rules getting in the way of common sense. 

The Bastille prison was completely dismantled over the course of a year during the French Revolution. This monument is called the July Column and rests on the spot of the Bastille. It commemorates a second revolution in 1830.

The walk continued...and I failed to take a picture of our cool walking spot. That just means I will have to go back. But...along the way we found a needlework shop and I bought an adorable's the shop sample.

Of course you recognize the Eiffel Tower or la Tour Eiffel. It is grouped with the Arc de Triomphe and Sacré Coeur. 

We hunted down an antique old sewing machine finds. More walking and then the rain increased...our luck with the weather was running out. After getting on the metro and relocating to a different part of the city....we had a wonderful lunch at an Italian restaurant. 

Christelle's pedometer says she walked 13 kilometers...I was with her for most of that! I was sore this morning when I got out of bed but I certainly enjoyed our outing.

I was glued to the couch the rest of day where I worked on my latest stocking kit. 

Just a few more accessories to add: bowl of popcorn, mug of hot cocoa, a football and a football helmet.


CecileD said...

Hello Debbie !
Christelle is just a fabulous guide !! ;)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hate roundabouts and we just have little ones here in central Arkansas but they seem to me making more of them as they do road improvements.
thanks for the photos and experiences in Paris - I love reading about it.

sophie said...

What a perfect weekend to be glued to the couch working on a football-themed stocking ... while many Americans will be clued to the couch on Superbowl Sunday tomorrow.
I was living in France when they (tried) to change the right of way rules for roundabouts--the idea of being on the right means you have the right of way is in their DNA which makes giving up the right to the cars already in the roundabout completely illogical to them.