Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Mini Finish

Hurray! One Boutis sampler finished! This will be made into a pincushion but not until I get back to Alaska where I have a big bag of crushed walnut shells to use as stuffing.

I 'm making car parts for the stocking.

And today I started sewing blocks together to make rows...and then sewing rows together. I'm pretty sure I'll get this all put together by the end of the day. I absolutely love this quilt! So girlie! 

Instead of a brisk fitness walk, yesterday I did a leisurely stroll up the Champs-Élysées, getting to the Arc de Triomphe at sunset and then turning back for our apartment. 

Today it will be a brisk fitness walk. And I have to make a quick stop for the groceries I forgot to buy...lost my list early in my stop at the grocery store yesterday...I hate that! I forgot eggs and garlic. We always have eggs for breakfast on Sunday morning...and I need the garlic for salad dressing. My little trolley cart that I use to cart all my groceries home was too full for anything else to fit in it. I am so glad I do not have two growing boys living with me here in Paris...I would have to shop every day if I did.


Donna quilts said...

I love your ring blocks quilt! I must check to see if I have the book with that pattern in it. The dark purple background really makes the rings pop out. Bravo for finishing your boutis sampler!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what do you think you will remember most about your experiences in Paris when you get back to full time living in Alaska? what will you miss the most?

CecileD said...

Congratulations for your boutis !! Wow !! It's so amazing !! Bravo Debbie , you did a great job !!!
And your quilt is going to be so lovely too !!
Hope you will have a great weekend !

Ramona said...

Your quilt is wonderful! And your stocking is just adorable. Yesterday I ordered the new Advent calendar from Merry Stockings. It will be fun to make. Happy stitching!

Cocopatch said...

congratulations for your boutis!!!