Monday, January 26, 2015

Jackhammers in the Morning...

it must be Monday!
Yep...just a minute or two after 8 a.m., the jackhammers started! Yep, I was still in bed. I stayed up until 1 a.m. reading last night. I love doing that when my husband is not with me...staying up late and reading. I didn't start reading until 11 p.m. because I also watched my favorite version of Wuthering Heights...Masterpiece Theater with Tom Hardy. 

Oh doesn't really matter. It is raining and a day to be spent inside working on projects that don't require much brain power.

I started a new stocking. I can just hear my husband's exclamation, "Another one!" (He does like to harass tease me.) I'm going with the football theme since the Superbowl is on the schedule. And what do you know...the Seahawks are in it...the only team I remotely care about watching. (I'm more of a hockey fan...and huge Spurs basketball fan.)

The first step when starting a new kit is pressing the folds out of the felt fabric pieces. I sandwich the felt between two applique pressing sheets. I've been doing this for a while...hundreds of times. I melted the top left corner of the stocking!!!

I'm living with it! I'll just be coming up with a wonderful design addition to cover the area at some point. Here's where I got to last night. I was in the mood to embroider so I jumped around to different areas of the stocking 

Yesterday I got lots of sewing done on the next quilt...the Tidal Pool version of Beachside Bungalow. So very different than my previous deep purple version.

It's almost noon! That's what happens when you "sleep in." I guess it was a good thing the jackhammers got me out of bed. And it must be time for lunch...all of the sudden it is quiet outside.


Donna quilts said...

Ooh... the Tidal Pool version looks pretty already! I never realized that felt could melt. Good to know.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I too didn't realize felt could melt glad you can work around it. Love the quilt you are working on.

Ramona said...

I hadn't thought of pressing with the applique sheets. Great idea! This will be another cute one! Your quilt blocks do look a lot different!