Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Works in Progress

I had a great visit with Christelle yesterday...we tried to come up with solutions to political problems in the U.S. and France...I think we will have to keep meeting! In the meantime we took two long walks and drank a little wine with another great lunch. When I got back to my lonely apartment, my husband called to say he was coming home on Saturday...four days earlier than he had originally planned. I was very glad to get that news! 

I am making lots of progress on several projects. 

Another Christmas stocking started.

Pulling cotton yarn into the little stitched sections of my Boutis project is taking a lot of time. I have easily spent at least three hours getting maybe a third of the way.

I started a new quilt by one of my favorite designers, Kim Brackett.

Blocks are getting pieced. I am definitely going with a different colorway and using batiks. I had a "Cherry," Bali pop that had aged just enough! And a large piece of dark purple batik which I think I bought to use as a backing on something but changed my mind.

And I am playing with a set of charm squares called, "Over the Rainbow." I'm using the Missouri Star techniques for Disappearing Pinwheel 1 and 2  plus the Disappearing Hour Glass...so adorable in the charm square size. I really have no idea what I will eventually do with them. Christelle says I will make 300 of them and turn them into a king-sized quilt...she's probably right but I am still trying to embrace smaller sized projects.

The jackhammers outside our apartment were relentless on Monday...and of course I was gone all day Tuesday. Wednesday has been noticeably quiet so far...keeping my fingers crossed. I did wear earphones and listen to an audible book while I was sewing on Monday. It certainly helped but I am just not a fan of wearing earphones.


CecileD said...

It's a good new for your husband !! Congrats for your "boutis progress" !! It's a great job ;)
And the quilt you're going to make is amazing !!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't care for head phones either. If only a couple of us "regular" people would be able to solve the problems of the world - wouldn't that be nice.