Saturday, May 11, 2024

May Happenings Underway

April was hijacked by health issues. Nothing serious...getting older...not fun sometimes

The biggest bummer was I missed my retreat. I could have done a daytime retreat but prepping and packing for a long weekend away from home was just too much.

The good news is I have a daytime retreat at my local quilt shop the last week of May. Can't wait!

I did manage to work on a variety of projects...I wasn't bed ridden so I felt well enough to do something!

I am trying soooo hard to focus on my extensive stash because it is extensive and full of very lovely fabrics. 

I had a stack of batik fat quarters in bright and warm colors I got at a great price several years ago. I saw a free pattern on Connecting Threads for, "Weekend Fun."

I have all the blocks made. It will be a great little throw for one of my granddaughters. 
Finishes at 56 1/2 x 72 1/2.

My primary health issue is cervical discs in my neck. Bending over my quilting long arm is a little uncomfortable so making sure to only do short sessions. I just started working again on my long arm last week. Thankfully, I had loaded a small quilt after my last finish and planned a very simple quilting design.

Most of April I spent organizing my stash of finished tops. I should have a little contest. How many quilt tops do you think I have waiting to be quilted?

I'll give you a hint. Go with a pretty big number. 

I'll reveal that number at the end of this post. 

Anyway! My biggest obstacle, is deciding what to quilt next. And usually, once I decide on a top to quilt...I then realize I don't have a backing fabric, batting  or the right colors of thread. Feels like there is always something that delays me.

So I made sure I had a picture of every top. Then I filled out a project sheet with as much information as I knew about that top with the finished size and if there was a backing fabric already in my stash. 

Just a little example of my file for each project.

I have the next quilt top I will quilt ready and waiting once I finish my current quilt in the frame.

So with limited time spent quilting...the last thing I was wanting to stitch was another quilt...I decided to get several of the blouses made that I cut out last fall.

My favorite was my first looks great with jeans. So comfy. All the tops are made with rayon batiks.

When I made the next top, the automatic button hole maker on my machine stopped working. The programming feature is connected with the reverse button and the button stopped working. Well...since I was not moving around much at that point, I just went ahead and made three tops...that need button holes. 

The great news is it only took the Bernina shop one day to turn my machine around and it is back home with me now. It is super easy to make button holes when the machine is working properly so I will get that done this weekend. 

I like working on cross stitch projects for the current season which means my last finish was done after Easter. I'm still working on the final finish. After much internet searching and local shopping I gave up on a purchased framing option and decided to make my first flat fold. 

I love YouTube! Great tutorial from Vonna Pfeiffer has gotten me to the base being finished. Now I'm waiting on some pompom trims to reach me through the mail to go around the actual, "Scatter Eggs," board. This is a chart from Shepherd's Bush. I'm always drawn to charts with cute buttons from Just Another Button Company. I can't resist them...want them all. 

I had a major fail on my next cross stitch project. I started the Blooming Tiny Town chart, using the DMC color option. I soon hated it and stopped. 

So, based on the photo, I then made my own DMC color choices..

The top fabric strip...hated.
Middle strip is the chart.
Bottom strip is the finish that looks pretty much like the chart but oddly...I don't like it. 

It needs purple. Too much red and brown for my taste.

So...below is my next attempt. The fabric is actually a little brighter blue color.

I am trying to teach myself to use my left hand more often so I am now mostly doing my cross stitch with my left hand. I'm getting faster every night. That cervical disc issue in my neck is causing some nerve pain down my right arm...hence the decision to try and do more with my left hand.

Well...I always like to end on an animal encounter. This big brown bear photo was taken from a visit to our local zoo mid April. Brown bears, which are coastal, are bigger than our neighborhood grizzlies.

Gardening season is here...though I still have a little patch of snow in my yard and we woke up to snow on the ground three mornings this week. A little chilly still. But I was trimming a shrub yesterday...trying to use mostly my left hand! 

I almost forgot!
 I have 46 quilt tops waiting to be quilted! 

Please let me know how many you have...especially if you have more. I do read several bloggers who make a tremendous number of charity quilts so maybe someone will beat me! 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sharing Recent Finishes

 I shared this finish on Facebook with the catch line, "How long does it take me to make a quilt? Sometimes eight years." 

You may remember this pattern from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. It was her 2016 mystery, "En Provence." This is my one and only venture into Bonnie's mystery quilt releases which start on Black Friday in November and finish sometime in January.

I had admired Bonnie's mysteries for years but it was a, "hard no," when it came to adding a project of that size during the holiday season. In 2016 my sons were busy with their lives and it seemed possible to at least start the quilt. I quickly decided to make a smaller version so I just dabbled on the construction of parts until the final reveal and then came up with the way I would make mine smaller.

My version is  69 x 87-inches. Perfect for one of my granddaughters.

I failed to get a photo but I had a scary fabric bleeding situation with the fuscia fabric. I use a blue water soluble marker and when I sprayed one corner with water to erase the marker the fuscia fabric bled terribly!!! So scary. I always wash my fabrics...usually soak then in hot water for hours since I work with batiks. Somehow that piece of fabric never got washed.

I soaked the completed quilt for 10 hours in hot water with a generous amount of Dawn dish washing soap. Bleeding problem resolved! Such a relief.

There were five thread color changes for this quilt. I love that it looks like a meadow to me more than a row of lavender. I still always check into the name and suggested colorway of Bonnie's annual mysteries. So far I have not been tempted to join another mystery.

I am trying to stay on task with quilting so I've gotten the next top loaded. Loading a quilt onto the frame is my absolutely least favorite part of the process.

I finished a little personal case for my granddaughter. I took her to the quilt store to pick out fabric for the project. This floral was one fabric we agreed on....she really wanted something purple but other than solids we didn't find a good option that day in the shop.

At least I was able to add some purple accents. This is the smaller version of By Annies', "Zip It Up." This is 8 1/2 x 10 x 1 inches. A pretty quick project if you don't let is sit in a box for a month!

I've really been into cross stitch projects lately. 

I had a major failure to read the pattern correctly so my math was really off but it gave me a pretty little piece to turn into a pincushion.  

The piece says, "Scatter Luck," and has some lovely buttons to finish the project but too big for my tiny finish. 

For the first time, I worked with Lady Dot  Creates pompoms which allow you to remove the stablizing tape. It was very easy to stitch the pompoms around the top edge.

So easy to add the pompoms that I added them to my last pincushion finish.

And in four nights I was able to finish this clover square on the last day of March. This is a freebie I found on Pinterest and there are several more clover designs by the same artist I would like to make.

It will make a cute little pillow with pompom edging!

I finished the second animal block in a Noah's Ark series. I make turn these into pillows also. I have a long way to go before I have to decide...pillows or ornaments. 

And to keep my polar bear company, I finished the two penguins that came with the kit.

These little penguins had a bit more to their construction than I anticipated. They have cute little penguin butts.

And another interesting feature is their feet were different. One penguin has feet that were one piece and the other is two separate pieces. It makes them stand up differently...a little personality. Much more fun to make than I anticipated.

This was an older kit from 2006 and some of the stamped markings for embroidery were missing and I had to trim some areas of the rear end of the polar bear to make it a smooth match of seams. Lots of contouring pieces which turned out a nice finish but took a little finesse. 

Yes...we still have lots of snow. In fact...we've had a little snow almost everyday this past week. I think we are still shy by a couple of inches to break the record for most snowfall for a winter season. 

I finished taking down my tree on St. Patrick's Day. That is officially the latest I have kept up my Christmas decorations.

I have a quilt retreat the last weekend of April at the B & B in Wasilla. I am ready to go right now! I  have so many quilt projects kitted up. I'll probably have one or two more kitted up before the retreat starts.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

March Retreat Projects

I had my "Sisters" retreat this month, three days of stitching at our local quilt shop, Twisted Sisters Quilty Pleasures.

The major project I finished was adding the sashing and border to my Kauai Chicken Salad quilt.

I wanted the quilt to be a little smaller than Lori Holt's design so I simply went with 2 1/2-inch squares for the sashing and border. It finished at 50 x 64-inches, which will be a great size for my kitchen breakfast nook wall.

 My granddaughter wants to know who this quilt is for??? She's been watching me make this for several months.

 My retreat had a border focus. I also managed to get the borders done on two tops.

A simple border for the "Tapestry," quilt. I didn't change anything on this pattern by Tamarinis. The Free Spirit Fabrics website had a listing of the fabrics used in the pattern designer's version that I used as my starting point for searching out Kaffe fabrics. I bought all the fabrics for my quilt at Hancocks of Paducah. I think all Kaffe fabrics sell out pretty quickly at all the local quilt shops in my area. The finished size of this quilt is 60 x 71-inches.

My third finish was Banana Quilt from the book, "Perfect 10 Quilts." I made the piano key border and added it to the top at the retreat. I consider this to be a "couch quilt." that will look great on my gray leather couch. This is made with a Hoffman Batik Bali Pop and matching layer cake set in the color way, "Sparrow." So I have named the quilt, "Sparrows on the Couch," It measures 76 x 76-inches.

I have two more tops in my stash of "Couch Quilts," that are patterns from the, "Perfect Ten Quilts." All of the "Couch Quilts," were made with Bali pops and matching layer cakes with background fabrics from my stash. The Hoffman batik sets had bird names which are very appropriate for the colorways. 

This is, "Parrots on the Couch." It measures 70 x 90-inches. This is the pattern, "Birthday Cake Quilt,"  with a piano key border added to the design. 

And the last, "Couch Quilt," in my To Be Quilted stash is, "Sandpipers on the Couch," The center of the quilt is the pattern, "French Vanilla Cake." The finished top measures 70 x 82-inches.

I've been spending a lot of time organizing in my studio. I am trying to update my notebook with all the quilts that are done...quilted. And I am also making a notebook for all the tops that are awaiting quilting. I have been making sure I have a photo of the completed top and the measurements. Yes...I need a notebook for all the tops waiting to be quilted! 

On to my evening handwork projects.

I just finished making this Christmas Polar Bear. There are two penguins included in the kit.

I finished stitching a Spring project, "Scatter Eggs," from Shepherd's Bush. It will finish at  3 1/2 x 9 1/2 -inches. I ordered the fabric from Shepherd's Bush as the design called for an unusual size of 19 count. They substituted a 20 count piece in a light blue. I used the DMC floss colors but had to change a couple of colors. It was also unusual in that it called for stitching with three strands over two fabric threads which makes it nice and big for the buttons.  I love the buttons from Just Another Button Company. 

I also started another series of cross stitch ornaments from my older stash of patterns designed by Pat Thode of  Heart Strings, "Noah and Company." 

I had a comment on a previous post recently regarding my 12 Days of Christmas series from Heart Strings. The comment was from Angela but she is listed as a, "noreply-comment," on Blogger so I cannot answer her question. The "no-reply-comment," setting is the default setting in Blogger. I learned the hard way too that you must go in and change that setting if you want a personal response to your comment.

With a bit of sadness, I took down all my Christmas decorations last week. My house feels so empty! 

I also had a birthday this month. body is not cooperating with my mental age! I have too much to do and no time for little health issues that appear to be about my actual age. 

Monday, February 26, 2024

February - Busy!

 “I think my mom will want this quilt.”

My four-year-old granddaughter, Kate, tried to claim this quilt when I was hand stitching the binding. GP (grandpa) told her we were keeping this one. 

We had four inches of fresh snow and a sunny day so I managed a picture outside where the colors look great and you can see the quilting. 

This was a free pattern through the Moda Bake Shop, "Sky Full of Stars," designed by Kristina of Center Street Quilts. Unfortunately all the links to the quilt design don't go anywhere so I can't share the pattern.

*** update***
Two readers found the link to the pattern. Sky Full of Stars
** many thanks **

I added the last 12-inches to make a border that finishes the stars and adds a drop for the sides on a bed setting.  This quilt finished at 104-inches square. 

I took me several weeks to finally get another quilt top loaded on my quilting frame. I've got one border almost finished. Of course the hardest part of the quilting process is deciding what to do.

This is my version of the 2016 Quiltville mystery, "En Provence." I think I dropped a column. Bonnie Hunter's mysteries are always so amazing and big. This is the one and only mystery of hers that I have made. So Much Piecing!!!

I do like a bit of challenging piecing but this was so hard to keep up with when I had no idea what the final quilt would look like. A big commitment...but fun to be a part of the online quilt along. My version finished at 69 x 87-inches. All batiks.

I know I am repeating myself...but I think kitting up projects is my favorite part of the quilting process. My stash is overwhelming and I really am trying to use it. I have a lot of gorgeous fabrics and they should be made into quilts. 

Everyday I have about half a dozen quilt shops I visit...checking out daily sales, new releases and just generally getting inspired. Connecting Threads is one of those websites and I decided to check their free quilt patterns and instantly downloaded this fat quarter friendly pattern, "Weekend Fun." 

It takes 21 fat quarters and I immediately thought of a set of batik fat quarters that were in my stash. There were 20 fat quarters in the set and I easily found one more in my stash that looked like part of the set. 

 I'm thinking about treating this like a Leader and Ender project.

My next quilt start was a project kitted up last fall. It is a layer cake project. I had a older set of batiks that were released by Hoffman called, "Sparrow." I had a layer cake and Bali pop in the colorway. I also had a great background in my stash. 

The pattern is, "Banana Quilt," from the book, "Perfect 10 Quilts." This is at least the third quilt I 've made from this book. Kind of a cool layout. I'll add a piano key border with the Bali pop.

My table mate at the February quilt retreat gave me a sweet present, a set of Tutto project bags to match my sewing machine Tutto trolley. She offered to add some fun ribbon to the bags and I told her I had some Tula Pink ribbons at home that would be perfect so I would do it. 

It only took me a couple of hours to unsew the sides to add the ribbon and sew the sides back up again.  I love them! 

On to some evening handwork projects. I finished two of the 2023 Jim Shore Gnome series. 

Evergreen Gnome

Rabbit Gnome

My current Bucilla kit project is Santa's Ark. Once the ark is finished I get to make all the animals.

When I finish this I plan to do a dedicated post of various steps so it will help others. These Bucilla 3D kits are always pretty challenging and I often read the directions and decide to do things differently.

And finally...a project for Kate. A little binder she helped to pick fabrics for. 

By Annie patterns are so well written. I find the key for me is not to rush and make sure I read every sentence!!! So I just do a little bit every day. I have three more days based on how I like to break down the project. 

Lots of critters spotted in the last three weeks. I saw an ermine run unto the dog run but I wasn't fast enough with my iPhone. My neighbor texted me with her first black bear sighting in her yard. Several of my neighbors spotted him too and posted photos on our neighborhood Facebook page. A tiny black bear. Sometimes bears wake up and wander around before the snow is gone but they usually go back for a lengthy nap until temps warm up so I don't expect to see that one for several more weeks.

Hope you have had a February full of fun projects! I have a three-day retreat coming up in March. Sweet!

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Material Girls February Retreat

I love retreats!

 I belong to a couple of retreat groups but this is my only overnight group. 
The Material Girls rent out a B & B in Wasilla for a long weekend. Each room sleeps three and has a private bath. There is a full kitchen and a small kitchen so pretty nice for hunkering down for three or four days. Our retreat starts on Thursday at noon and runs through late Sunday afternoon. We have two quilt shops in Wasilla to shop at plus lots of restaurant options. 

I have a little tradition of starting my retreat with binding a quilt. I'm usually one of the first to arrive and have four tables to myself for several hours...lots of room for binding a king-sized quilt.

I still need to finish hand stitching the binding. 

I'm sharing photos of some of the projects from the weekend. Quite a variety of projects.

Mary made a spring Kuspuk...traditional clothing for Yui'pik Alaskans. Summer parkas are made with colorful cotton fabrics and trimmed with ribbon and rick rack. Winter kuspuks are made of fur.

My other projects were two Kaffe Fassett quilts. The first had paper pieced sections. I ordered the border fabric when I got home. 

Everyone got very tired of hearing me complaining about the flimsy quality of this fabric. 

My second Kaffe project had some Indah batiks from Hoffman mixed with the Kaffe fabrics so I was a little happier sewing on these fabrics. 

My husband was taking care of the pets while I was away. When we leave the house, the animals stay in my sewing room since it has a tile floor and doors that close it off from the rest of the house. One day, Logan got bored and grabbed a roll of toilet paper to rip up. 

The toilet paper was tracked all over the house. 

Thankfully...easily clean up.

The next Material Girls retreat is in late April.