Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Off the Quilting Frame

I've been busy on my quilting machine. My goal is to get one top quilted every month. This looks a lot like what I did last month. I had a layer cake of Tidepool from Hoffman and made it into this pattern called Paris Cafe.

I am always working on a Christmas felt kit. Finally finished this stocking that I started in Paris right before I left last April. Christmas Puppet Show.

And a stocking that needed repair, Holiday Hill. I used to line these stocking fronts with an adhesive backed felt. Very bad idea! I have 13 stockings that were affected by that bad idea and I have been working to get that bad felt removed and replaced.

And of course, I must always be starting a new kit. This is a kit that I get lots of questions about so I decided it was a good one to make. I have so many adorable kits that it is hard for me to pick one.

Not much time for computer activities. Spring cleaning has commenced along with all my quilting and embroidery projects.

An update on my quilt show entry to Paducah...didn't make it this year but I am going to keep trying. 

Friday, March 4, 2016


After I finished that adorable apron last week...I was able to take the scraps and make this sewing station caddy. The Breakfast Club crowd made these in a class not so long ago...but I wasn't ready to commit. Now I know I was just waiting for the right fabric to inspire me.


The pattern is from a 2015 Better Homes and Garden special issue, "Christmas Gifts and More." The pattern calls for pockets on both sides...I didn't have enough scraps of the fabrics to make that happen. No is the side my sewing machine can sit on anyway when I take it to class.

Perfect little pockets and a bigger pouch for my 6 1/2 x 12 1/2" long ruler that is one of my favorites for taking to classes. it all makes sense. The lime green coordinates with my sewing machine tote and my matching class supply bag.

I'm marking another quilt top...simple but tedious. If my hopping foot was centered accurately I wouldn't have to do so much marking. I have spent hours trying to fix that problem but never get marking straight lines when I need them reasonably even will be a necessary evil with these kinds of designs. I must go with some free-form designs on the next project. Feathers are so much easier...probably part of the reason we quilters love to quilt them so often!

I really need to get back to this project. Two hours of cutting...eight blocks.

I have lots of fun activities to attend starting this weekend...Alaskan unique!