Thursday, September 14, 2023

Rain, Rain Go Away

If you are looking for your missing rain in your area…I found it! I thought last summer/fall was the wettest ever…nope. I have moss growing behind my ears. My grass does look really nice. 

Through the brief breaks in rain I forged on to complete my landscaping work with the rock I had left.

My sweet boy, Logan, is enjoying the new rocked area. Those man hole covers make a rather pleasant place to sit and keep watch on our part of the world.

I finished a quilt…except for the binding. Just in time for changing up the quilts around the house to fall and Halloween themes. This is a free pattern from the  Fort Worth Fabric Studio. The borders are not part of the pattern.

My Kauai chicken quilt is coming along. All the chicken parts are glued in place…ready for me to top stitch. I decided to give all of them Hawaiian names.

I will embroider the names and the feet for the baby chicks.

Two more tops got finished. A cotton batik top…

and a rayon batik top.

I'm hoping to finish a few projects for Halloween decorating.

The Merry Stockings Halloween Mantel series is underway.

Such a cute kit to work on in the evenings. Lots of tiny satin stitching in these monster faces.

I was really obsessed with finishing a cross stitch project that included some really cute buttons from Just Another Button Company. I have a cauldron décor piece I plan to use for displaying.

This project was pieced on a 30 count linen...always a challenge for me to stitch on linen since I stitch in hand...not in a hoop. I started this with DMC flosses over a year ago and didn't like it so I went through the effort to track down all of the specialty hand dyed flosses. As I was stitching with the hand dyed flosses I hated them in several areas where the variations in the colors just didn't work. So I went back to DMC in a few areas. Also had to resort to using a hoop for the moon...all the pale yellow floss showed any imperfections in my stitching. 

My other cross stitch finish was this cute witch, Batty Belinda. Her broom was a nice little challenge. I ordered a variety pack of metallic chenille sticks and twisted a black and purple one to make the handle. I also resorted to hot gluing all the parts together...something I abhor doing but I just couldn't get everything secured with hand stitching.

The next series of photos are a mamma moose and her twin calves crossing the road on an evening when I was driving home. Most of our days are very gloomy and dark with all the rain we have been sorry for the murkiness of the is the reality lately...which does make spotting wildlife tricky while driving. I saw three dark objects that were moving as I was driving and knew I was coming up on some animals so I slowed down. The speed limit is 55 mph on this road. 

Mamma crossed.

Then one of the calves..

Finally, the second calf took his sweet time to cross the road.

The winter forecast...this pattern of extreme precipitation will continue...which means a lot of snow. Temperatures are dropping into the high thirties at night. The leaves are changing color and starting to drop. I'm just never ready for winter to arrive...feels like we are skipping fall.