Friday, September 11, 2020

Starting September with Several Finishes

 I’m start with the biggie finish which I am labeling a “Trifecta.” The only reason I know what that word means is I have actually been to a horse race and won betting on the top three horses in a race. 

I made two oversized twin quilts and a mini wall hanging from the scraps.

This quilt saga started with the deal I got on the purchase of two Spumoni Bali Pops.
 In 2011, I decided I needed a “back-up plan” to work on at Breakfast Club meetings when I didn’t have time to prep the latest project or just wasn’t inspired to make it.

When Breakfast Club started we focused on making patterns with 2 1/2-inch strips. I picked the pattern, “State of Grace.” I failed to find a border fabric that worked for me so I came up with my border. I wanted to emphasize the deep teal blue pinwheels in the design.

And of course there were hundreds of scrap HSTs leftover from two twin quilts.

I have been stung by wasps twice this week! I surrendered to Mother Nature and spent two pretty days inside quilting instead of working in my yard. I was able to start the last bear stocking pattern in my stash. I figured out what was holding me back from starting this project...I didn’t like my initial fabric selection. The new colors remind me of Alaska and our state flag that is a solid blue with gold stars in the Big Dipper layout.

The next step for the stocking is to hand quilt the front and back sections.

I have finished one of the Antarctic Santas, Penguin Santa.

And I have some finishes on Bucilla kits to share!

The first is a 3D kit, “Frosty Flight.” I need to figure out a permanent stand for the plane.

I did not follow the directions on this kit at all.
It was a nice challenge...I made plenty of mistakes!

As a reward, I decided a simple kit should be the next project. I still have four more ornaments to complete in this kit which was given to me by Plaid as part of their ambassador program.

And of course, I had some unexpected visitors...neighbors who live behind me. They didn’t stay long and headed home after traipsing through my yard to include one of my perennial flower beds. At least they didn’t leave me any presents.

Happy Fall to Y'all.
 It is my favorite season.
 Love the intense colors of the changing leaves against brilliant blue skies.