Friday, July 2, 2021

Recap of June

 No quilting of any kind was tackled in June.

I did finish two Bucilla stockings. "Winter Magic," and "Snow Queen." 

My biggest accomplishment was finishing my bag project, "A Place for Everything 2.0."

The front side...

the backside...

and inside.

This pattern from By Annie, is amazing. She has several videos to show her techniques. It took me a month to make this bag...I tried to take my time and work on it a little each day so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed by the challenge. 

I will share pictures of it all packed up with goodies for my next retreat in September. 

The 2021 Santa ornaments from Sandra Cozzolino were released in June.
 I am anxious to get started on this series, "Christmas Day."

I am spending most of my time it should be!

My blue Himalayan poppies are always the biggest attraction in my perennial beds.