Wednesday, September 15, 2021

September News

 The last day of the Alaska State Fair is always Labor Day. I was happy to get my three entries back home with me. I got a pretty purple division champion ribbon for my, "A Place for Everything 2.0," bag. I entered two quilts and the Christmas theme won a first place ribbon with my Sparklers quilt picking up a third place ribbon. 

I finished quilting my, "Tropical Dreams," quilt. It took me three weeks to quilt this king-sized quilt...110 x 110 inches. I used Dream Puff batting which is lighter weight but gives a nice dimension to the quilting. My DIL has been admiring this quilt all summer long as I've had it draped around my sewing room for months. Her appreciation has been noted. 

I have finished two of the latest Mill Hill Santa ornaments. I had a comment about access to vintage Santa ornament patterns but I was unable to respond since the comment was flagged as a "no reply blogger." This is a default setting for leaving comments and if you want me to be able to email a reply, you have to change your settings. You can google how to do that. You can also message me through my public Facebook page or Instagram page...both are listed as "And Sew Forth."

I planted beets in my garden this year and was quite successful! I also canned them. I'm so proud of first foray into the canning world.

My poor cat is plagued with ongoing rash issues. We are seeing a specialist next week. I sure hope we find some answers. My dog, Logan, was snoozing away while I was quilting a few days ago and Eli just decided to join him. There was another empty dog bed in my sewing room but Eli wanted to be on the one with Logan.

My animals do entertain me!