Friday, June 19, 2020

Playing on a Rain Day

My social interaction is so limited that I will be sharing my latest shopping purchases. 

The Material Girls retreat for May was cancelled, Breakfast Club has been cancelled indefinitely and my fitness studio is shutting down for good as a causality of Corona-virus. 

Good thing I know how to entertain myself! But I am a bit lonely for some quilting interaction. I am with several groups on Facebook but just not the same...

So...pretty normal for me to do a little spring cleaning in my studio and I unearthed a drawer of rulers and templates...most of which I have never the the ones below that come in two sizes and are still wrapped in plastic. I'm sure I bought a book to go with them but I saw this Carnival pattern and liked the simplicity of the design that could show off some pretty fabrics.

And then another pretty pattern that will give me the opportunity to  use all of these colorful templates; hexagon, triangle and diamond. I'm definitely in a "floral," state of mind. I'm hoping to make a quilt for my daughter-in-law. She is a gardener and married to my son who is in the Air Force so they move fairly often. I want to add the words, "Bloom Where You are Planted." Still pondering which of these two patterns, Hexie Garden or Carnival, will by the chosen one.

I bought this new design for sunflowers as a PDF was great to get the pattern I was going to start it that day...HA that would ever happen in my world.

June is the release month for the annual set of Santas designed by 
Sandra Cozzolino. Every year I say I am amazed by her latest designs and this year I feel the same way. Antarctica Santas. Adorable!

I had a quick set of Sandra Cozzlino's International Santas in my vintage kit stash I work on in June. More cuteness!

I've been a little remiss in sharing photos of visiting critters this summer. Moose are huge but their coloring helps them blend in beautifully. I usually notice I'm driving by a moose at the last minute when they move. 

Both photos where taken through my screen window so they have a nice texture.

The critters are both walking around all my rock funny.These two manhole covers and venting pipes mark my lovely new septic tank. My yard was devastated by that event. Hoping to start tackling that area in July.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Many Projects Inside and Outside

This is why I have an accounting of my projects.

It really helps me have a sense of accomplishment when I look back at what happened with my time.

I came up with a design for my latest scrappy half square triangle blocks. I discovered about 100 more scrappy HSTs while cleaning a drawer in my sewing room and now I don’t know what I will do  with those...another challenge.

Two tiny International Santas to add to my collection, Scandinavian and African Santa.

My Snowman family is finished. A difficult set to put in storage so they might stay on display year-round. Very challenging to get some of the arms attached. Thankfully, I had a curved upholstery needle in my stash. 

Summer is here in Eagle River, Alaska. 

Gardening and landscaping are now my primary projects.

Our garden nurseries were just wiped out of inventory this year. So funny how first it is toilet paper and now it’s plants! I just barely managed to find nursery starts of the plants I usually grow. Mostly broccoli, red cabbage and several varieties of kale. Missing are beets and carrots.

My “Tub Wall,” needed two plants replaced. Pretty normal to lose one or two plants a year. One year a moose decided not to use the stairs so that took out a couple of plants. I also like to add a top dressing of fresh potting soil to every tub. The “WOW” wheel my son made me when he was learning to weld...also flips to spell, “MOM.” 

Last summer I really wanted to rearrange the plants in my perennial happened yesterday. There were several spots where plants never grew well so I spent time amending the soil..everywhere. So happy I got this done the first week of June.

Soooo many other landscaping projects to tackle! 
I must say I have been sleeping well every night with all this physical work.