Sunday, July 17, 2022

Passion for By Annie Bags

Almost no quilting has happened this summer.

It’s been a, “By Annie,” production room in my studio.

These are challenging seam ripper got way too much action!
Most of the time it was the wrong thread in the bobbin that was the problem. I had trouble thinking about the two sides of the fabric being viewed.

I am so thrilled to have these done. The Running with Scissors has a little mat that helps protect all the tools when you close the case.

The Running with Scissors bag opens up to drape on the Take a Stand bag...this will be perfect for retreat sewing.

I had enough fabric to make a 24-inch sewing machine mat. I looked at a free pattern, "Lillyella Maker Mat," to get an idea of sizing for the front pocket.

My main fabric is a multi-color batik I bought on our Kauai vacation in February.

I also had enough of the quilted fabrics to make two more little bags.

Here's the tiny bit of quilting I did...

These two lap-sized tops are scraps from a sampler quilt I finished last fall. They will look great in my living room...when I get around to quilting them.

I am giving myself a double pat on the back for tackling another project that I've been wanting to make for soooo many years.

One of my favorite bloggers is Vicki from Colorways by Vicki Welsh. She saves her batting scraps and makes dog beds for shelters. Having critters that regularly need new beds...this inspired me to save my batting scraps. I had two garbage sacks full of scraps and my cat needed a bed. I used one and a half bags of scraps.

I bought a two-yard piece of precut decor fabric at Walmart. It was perfect for this project. Eli was in the studio when I was sewing...taking up space on one of the dog beds from Costco.

It took him a day to warm up to the new bed...which I put outside in the covered dog run. I have an old kitchen table outside that gives him a little space away from the dogs. The table backs up to a studio window in front of my desk.

I finished two more of the ornaments from the Bucilla ornament kit, "A Partridge in a Pear Tree."

This kit has recently been re-released. It's so nice that Plaid, the company that owns Bucilla, has re-released some of the older kits that were very popular.

We've had a steady stream of critters visit us...though I haven't had a camera on hand most of the time.

A  lovely moose calves with her.

And the butt of a big black bear leaving our parking pad.