Friday, November 30, 2018

I Am Good

It has been six hours since the earthquake hit. My home only has minor damage. Lots to clean up but not too much glass damage. Just wanted to give a quick update to anyone wondering how I got through the big event.  

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Family Addition

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son, Zack, got married! The wedding happened at the bride's parents' home in Phoenix. Very nice to get out of Alaska for almost two weeks.

We started the wedding get away with a weekend in Las Vegas. My two favorite attractions were a fantastic Swatch shop at the New York Casino...

and the show, "Absinthe," at Ceasars Palace. 

Hubby and I rented a car and drove to Phoenix. Along the way we stopped in Flagstaff where I visited the quilt shop, Odegaard's Sewing Center on Route 66. Nice store and very friendly.

We also stopped in Sedona where there is a fantastic quilt shop, Quilters Store Sedona. 

I love this Wild Thing quilt. They were out of the panel.  I did find it on the internet.

What I bought was this Laurie Shifrin Designs pattern, "Antelope Canyon." It features 2 1/2 strips and 1 1/2 strips. Simple straight stitching that creates this wonderful circular illusion.

Before we left Alaska, I got started quilting on the Breakfast Club's mystery from last year. I got all the cream background quilting done.

Now I am working quilting on the colored fabrics. Loving this project!

Someone needs attention. He wants to play in the snow we got last night.

And I need to work on Holiday decorations. 

But all I want to do is quilt!