Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Zipping Through February

I almost missed posting in February…guess that means I was busy!

The month started great with a Material Girls retreat. I had five panel kits ready to go for retreat. I did not share this one on my last post. A quick panel pattern. 

I was not thrilled with the finished quilt top. 
I love the center panel but the fabrics in the kit were so pale...this is a gingerbread village...it just looks blah. 

So as soon as I got home and thought about it some more...I went online and checked out what the actual full fabric line included. I found a layer cake of the line on sale at the Fat Quarter Shop and some of the green holly berry fabric in yardage at another shop online, Lou Lou's Fabric Shop. 

I have already ripped apart the quilt top and have the new fabric cut and ready to sew around the gingerbread village panel. I think it will help to have my design wall at home to remake this quilt. 

The rest of my kits were great and I love the results

The lap version of, "Take Flight," using the panel and fabric line, "Soar," From Northcott. This pattern had some tricky cutting with a gradation fabric...nothing to spare. It all came together wonderfully.

The finish kits from Hoffman for their panels came together perfectly.

I forgot to add the final 2-inch border of the bluish gray batik to the eagle panel but it will get added when I also add a batik border fabric to both panels so they will work as gifts to my sons who are both a little over 6-feet tall. 

I also finished the piano key border for a layer cake pattern from the, "Perfect 10 Quilts," book, "French Vanilla Cake."

And I got about two-thirds of my last kit done, "Colorful."

Another great pattern that came together pretty quickly. 

Whew...that was one of the most productive retreats I have attended...and it was a lot of fun.
 I remember one night had a lot of belly laughing.
Great for the soul!
I had a top that finally got quilted!  This was a Debbie Caffrey mystery my old quilting group, The Breakfast Club, made in January 2016. This pattern required 18 blocks. I use a fat quarter bundle from Moda, Los Cabos.

I had been saving this fun wide-back piece for a long time.

Not my most creative quilt job but it is done and I do love it. 

Another Easter-themed Bucilla felt project got finished. 

Nothing says Easter more than eggs...


and bunnies.

These little ornaments will make adorable basket stuffers. 

I finished a Sandra Cozzolino cross stitch design that was not Christmas related.

My mottled blue fabric was a little to light for the white bunny so I tried back stitching with medium blue floss in the kit around the bunny's foot on the left and decided that would fix the problem so added the blue backstitching around the rest of the white bunny parts. 

I'm planning to mount this in the center of a little spring wreath...most of the ones I am finding at JoAnns and Michaels aren't quite right. 

I started another cross stitch project, "The Never Ending Cycle," by Hands on Design. It is part of a trio with a laundry theme. My laundry room deserves to be pretty...I spend enough time there! This stitched together pretty quickly minus the night I spent frogging a part I got wrong and then re-stitching it. 

I had a little impulse shopping online. Vinnie Von Fang was on my wish list at 123Stitch and it went on sale...so I had to get Betty Broomstick because one chart cannot travel alone. 

Below is a photo from the large picture windows of the B & B where our quilt retreats are held. We didn't get a view of the mountains and the Knick inlet until our last night at sunset. Lots of fresh snow fell over our four-day stay.

Lots of fun projects lined up for March. Hope I can manage to quilt another top. My goal is one a month...it always is but I rarely finish even six quilts a year. 

Blizzard in the forecast for tomorrow...but...I did see buds on all the tree tops during my afternoon dog walk. It made me feel so much better to see those buds as the wind whipped around me.