Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer 2021 Underway

We had some visitors. I love it when the critters cooperate for photo ops.

This moose cow had her two-day old calves stroll through my yard. Because of photos from a neighbor's trail cam we were able to nail down when these calves were born. other neighbor's horses came to visit...again.

Here's an official "before," photo of this summer's landscaping project. 

So...not much quilting planned but that hasn't stopped me from buying fabric.

I am spending a little time most mornings trying to tackle stitching parts of a fancy tote bag.

Evenings are devoted to handwork. I finished the stocking fronts of two Bucilla kits. The one on the left is the original design from 2008, "Snow Queen." An update to the style was released in 2020, "Winter Magic." I liked the update best. And there were two faces printed on felt so you could "practice." I only needed the one face but it sure was nice to have that backup face just in case.

Gotta run...the sunshine is calling me.