Monday, February 11, 2019

Retreat Photos

Lots of eye candy from the Material Girls quilt retreat. Some are show and tell and some are projects worked on at the retreat.  I will identify patterns if I know them.

No idea what the name of this pattern is but it looks like a good one for layer cakes.

Snowballs and Nine Patches on diagonal.

BQ 4 pattern.

Don't know this butterfly pattern name.

Jewel Box with a border of 2-inch squares. Another border or two is planned to make this queen-sized.

Norwegian Snowflakes. Here is the free pattern.

Memory Quilt for a bereaved son of teacher.

Backside of the quilt.

Memory quilt for the bereaved daughter of teacher.

Backside of the daughter's quilt.

A Memory Pillow made from the deceased teacher's shirt. The school colors where he worked were purple and white.

We had a wonky tree table runner class.

No pattern info on the rest of the projects

I'm doing a separate posting to my projects from retreat.

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