Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Bit of Progress

The hardest part of quilting for me is getting a quilt loaded on my frame. I am going to tackle a king-size top which takes even more effort... just getting the backing ironed takes too much time! 

I find with my very simple frame it really is a must to baste the whole king-sized quilt first. 

So...trying to keep the quilting handing some leafy designs in the blocks.

Update on the next bag project.
All the fabric pieces are cut and labeled. Awaiting an order from By Annie for other supplies.

My latest Bucilla stocking kit has been challenging. I am now to the easy parts....just making lots of little sea shells and fish to add all around the quilt.

We had some more cat drama. Poor Eli has had a third rash flare up. He is on the mend and I hope to take his cone off tomorrow. We are going to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

He is very good at looking pathetic.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hadn't heard of basting a quilt when you put it on your long arm - that sure is extra work

Frédérique said...

Beautiful quilt, and I love your stocking!

Sally said...

Aw, poor always hurts us when our furbabies are feeling punky! Hope he feels better soon.

Rebecca said...

I don't me that looks more like a pissed of kitty glare instead of a pathetic kitty look

Suz J said...

What an unusual stocking - although they seems to have one to suit every occasion! Eli definitely looks pissed, cats and cones don't go together 😂

Dawn said...

I find king size quilts are so hard to handle on my small longarm too. Good luck I’m sure it will be a beautiful job. I often wonder how many stockings you must have, they are all so lovely.

Anonymous said...

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