Thursday, August 18, 2011

Squirreling Away

I took a break from sewing big quilts and got caught up on the Henrietta Whiskers BOM. 

This is block seven of Anne Sutton's wonderful free pattern. My wool selection is getting sparse so I was thrilled to find this green wool for the nut house body. At first I worried it was too bright for the overall look but it definitely works.

Block eight is a warm and cozy house. 

Here's the current line up of blocks. 

I'm very anxious to see if there is more wool applique in the borders for this quilt.

Lots of rain in our part of the world. We are still missing our dog, Forrest. All this rain makes me too sad, missing my boy. Our other dog, Jenny, is a big comfort. She's been extra cuddly. If you have any great dog stories about weeks going by and dogs being found, I'd love to hear them. It has been three weeks since we lost Forrest.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry your dog is still missing, our niece's dog went missing last week then finally showed up dragging her hind leg. She was exhausted, they don't know where she was - leg wasn't broke but sprained. Hope your dog turns up well.

NancyA said...

There is an incredible story of a Golden Retriever who was lost in Montana, adopted by another family and later, by chance, was reunited with original family. You can read about it here:
Keep the faith!