Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog named Greta.

She was always with her people...

actually...she was usually leaning on them or stroking them with her paw. 
She was the perfect companion except for her unusual appetite...
a steering wheel
a brand new cell phone
$40 in cash
Anything left in the vehicle with her in it was likely to become a snack.
She was always hungry.

One day in the sewing studio, Greta spied a solitary piece of cat food under the sewing table. She lunged for the cat food morsel before anyone else could get it.

Unfortunately the power cord for Mom's Bernina 1130 was between Greta and the solitary piece of cat food.
See that pretty terracotta tile? That's the flooring in the sewing studio. When Greta hit the power cord with her 85 pound body the Bernina 1130 went flying across the room and landed on the hard tile floor.

Mom screamed and then wailed like the wicked witch of the west when she was melting.

Mom's Bernina suffered greatly. The needle arm was bent. It was repaired and ran for a short time then the side wheel went askew and it froze up completely. 

 Greta chose never to come in the sewing studio again. She would sit on the top of the basement stairs and squeak her toys in an effort to get mom out of the scary sewing studio. 
Bernese Mountain Dogs give so much love which somehow makes it worth all the expense and heartache of parting with them.

Sadly, Greta died at the age of 5 from lymphoma. She was a wonderful princess.


Barbara Ann Beamer Jones said...

What a sweet and sad story. Greta was a beautiful creature!

I've been looking at getting a Bernese Mountain dog - how do they fare in warm weather?

Thanks for sharing Greta with us!

babsnwv at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

Oh, no! You've made me feel much better about my machine and the power cord that unplugs every time it's even slightly bumped. Didn't realize that might be protecting my machine.

I'm sorry Greta's no longer with you -- sounds like she was a fabulous companion. (She has to have been for you to forgive the sewing machine incident.)

Sand and Sunshine said...

Lymphoma as a pet owner who also lost a beloved pet to Lymphoma visions of those days dance in my mind when I read the end of your post. That must have been very difficult for you and your family.

Oh what memories you have to remember her by.