Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Tension Issues! I am sounding a bit like a broken record...what's an updated version of that cliche?

This is what was going on underneath!

Pretty on the top. Impossible to rip out without destroying the fabric. Decided to live with it! But the tension issues continued. I spent more time ripping out than quilting. But mostly I am bummed I didn't get to "paint" more with the thread. It got to a point where I just had to push through the minimum amount of quilting and claim it done. It has been my experience that a simple issue creates a tension problem so I am confident I can and will resolve this issue. I have three simple quilting projects I would love to get done this week...please Quilting me find the problem!

If you are a Mckenna Ryan quilt greatest suggestion if you want to quilt them on a long arm is stick to batik fabrics. With the larger needles longarms use, the non batiks fabrics just didn't hold up as well. The higher thread count of batiks is worth the extra cost in this situation. This was a kit and more than half are not batiks though they are cottons designed by McKenna Ryan. They were pretty fabrics but...not batiks.

If a machine deters me then I switch to handwork. I finished a Shivery Snowman Block...

I picked up a block from a Moda U quilt that's from a few years ago. 

But the most fun is starting a new project! The last Thursday of the month is this week and my quilting group is tackling another Kim Brackett quilt.

The ladies will be so surprised to see me working with earth tones...not! Sometimes the comfort zone is the necessary can quote me. (Lots of dark chocolate m&ms really help too.)


Cathy said...

Your fabrics for the Kim Brackett quilt look wonderful. And I love the way your McKenna ryan quilt is turning out, even with the tension issues.

Baker_ia said...

The McKenna quilt is pretty to bad about the tension issue but as you said some times you just have to live with a problem.

Chris said...

I love the fabrics you have going there! Remember that chocolate is really a food group in and of itself.

Karen S said...

I like your trees. Have you tried a different needle?

Gari in AL said...

I hate tension issues, too. And I have never done a Mckenna Ryan quilt, mostly because I wasn't sure how to quilt all those little pieces down, but I do have several of the Beach Walk patterns that will become a quilt some day. Thanks for the advice.