Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

Taking the next step...that's what seems to get in the way of finishing a quilt which leads to the creation of  UFOs. I'm in that "next step" phase of my April UFO.

I'm sure many of you recognize this as a Mckenna Ryan art quilt design. I love doing the cutting and fusing reminds me of paper dolls. The stitching part...not so fun. All that fusible webbing is not fun to stitch through...especially when there are four layers in some spots.

Rhythm of the Sea
This is the first Mckenna Ryan quilt I tackled. I remember the anxiety I had quilting this top! I went with the method suggested by the designer and used monofilament thread to top stitch everything. I did it on my Bernina 440 which has a stitch regulator. Looking at it today I think it came out very nice. (I used Bottom Line in my bobbin.) But I remember thinking at the time that it might be more interesting to actually use colored threads to top stitch. 

Here's the threads I have used so far on "Calling Me Home." And this time I'm quilting on my Nolting Fun Quilter. 

So now I have a huge number of thread tails!

Since there are so many layers of fusible web, burying the tails as I go is really tough so I have started taping them out of the way.

The jury is out on which way is better. I have two-thirds of the quilting done. 

I have some other Mckenna Ryan projects planned...

Here are two more Mckenna Ryan kits I have sitting patiently in my quilting room ready to be made. (I got them for a great price on EBay).  Plus I have a set of patterns for a Christmas design too. I cannot draw realistic nature pictures so I find myself very "drawn" to these designs...they allow me to look very impressive to my non-quilting friends. I think these designs were also my introduction to batiks...I'm hooked.

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Cathy said...

I'm so totally with you. i Love McKenna Ryan's patterns. Are you top stitching the pieces down as you quilt?